Frequently Asked Questions

  • Each piece is One of a kind, if there is something you previously liked I can make something similar but never identical, check my commissions tab for more info
  • It takes me a couple days to complete shipping orders and very rarely ship things on friday-sunday. Please expect at least a week for things to be shipped. 
  • Where are you located?
Bismarck, North Dakota

  • How should I display my insect piece? 
I recommend these be displayed in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Dried flowers and insects can get sun faded very quickly as they are natural materials. 

  • How should I display my wet specimen?
I recommend keeping the specimen in the jar that was sold with it. If you by chance get a wet specimen without a jar go with glass and avoid plastics & metal. Check wet specimen care for more info. 

  • How should I display my mummy?
I recommend that you display your mummy in a dark, dry, cool place out of direct sunlight and absolutely avoid humidity. Putting it in a sealed frame, case or dome is the best option. Check mummy care for more info. 

  • Are you interested in more bones and animals? 
Yes!! I love working with locals that are interested in working with me. I partner with local hunters, farmers and taxidermist in the area for by-products that would otherwise be thrown away. I always appreciate receiving still born babies and failure to thrive little ones

  • How did you start? 
I started this journey in the living room of my one bedroom apartment in 2021. I had my started with cleaning bones in 2019, and moved to pinning bugs, next foraging my own items and now processing my own animals. I have a long artistic background including jewelry making, sculpting, drawing and painting. I am completely self-taught in regards to taxidermy and preservation. I did my first taxidermy piece, a large duckling, in my dining room in 2023.

  • Is what you do ethical?
This one is long winded - I'm among a handful of artists the doesn't like to use the term ethical, as ethics are like finger prints and they're different for everyone. Saying something is ethical has become a common blanket term in this community, and in a lot of cases it's a lie. I can't 100% confidentially say a specimen is ethical if I don't know exactly how it died, and even then if an animal does not align with my ethics I refuse it. A great example is A1 (top quality) insect specimens. At a sustainable insect farm they are raised to adulthood and shortly euthanized after to preserve their "perfect" beauty, most claim to donate a portion in support of wild conservation. Sustainable butterfly farms are crucial to wild conservation. 
I like to consider my work sustainable and responsibly sourced. I do prefer non-A1 specimens that I can tell lived out their life longer and I work very hard to get unique and sustainably sourced specimens/animals. I make sure to do my research of the species and how it died before I bring in any new animal to my studio. Conservation of all species I work with is my #1 concern. I am constantly researching things to make sure what I do and associate myself with doesn't affect these animals in the wild negatively. There is a whole side of the oddities world that I do not support like illegal sales & importing, and questionable items brought in from Asia (cat & dog skulls, fur farm skulls, poached mummified bats, dyed dog fur, seahorses, resin insect & skeleton blocks, wholesale chick & duckling taxidermy, some bird taxidermy, small alligator taxidermy). My overall take away on ethics is that wildlife specimens and products were once living beings. It's impossible to have an infinite amount of wholesale wildlife products and have it align with being ethical. There are a lot of shops who lie about their ethics or have zero clue about their items. I strive to be as transparent as possible. 
  • How do you clean your bones? 
I use professional methods for bone cleaning that don't include bleach or boiling. I usually use the water maceration method, thoroughly degrease and whiten. I'm looking into getting beetles soon.
  • Where do you get your bugs? 
Every species is sourced in different ways. I primarily work with breeders, farms, licensed importers and donations from people who find them. I'm diligently working to find natural death bugs & shops who support conservation. I am getting into the invertebrate keeping hobby myself. I will be raising moths in the summer and am currently raising black widow babies. I keep an assortment of spiders, Isopods, mantids and I even have a giant centipede. 

  • Where does the Zebra hide come from?
All my zebra hide and scraps come from old rugs and taxidermy that aren't displayed for their normal purposes anymore - Old rugs that are tattered, shedding and in poor quality from being walked on.

  • Are you interested in weird antiques?
YES!!! Anything that's old and odd I'm interested in. Old items, collectibles, Victorian items, retired funeral & medical & scientific items and old or bad taxidermy, I'll buy them or I know what to do with them, no question is odd!

  • Are you interested in haunted items? 
Absolutely, we'll take in your haunted items and give them a comfortable home to rest in. 


  • All odd things and old things are responsibly and sustainably sourced by me
  • All animals are dead when they arrive to me, I do not kill anything and nothing is killed solely for the purpose of taxidermy or art
  • I have partnered with local farmers, hunters and rescues. For rescues, a portion of the proceeds are donated back once things are adopted back out.
  • Everything is made by me and specific materials are either found, gifted or sourced from other reputable oddity sellers, licensed importers & friends
  • Most, if not all, of my furs are vintage
  • If you have questions about my ethics feel free to ask! I'm an animal activist myself 

Services I offer

  • Insect pinning and taxidermy
  • Framed, dome and custom displays
  • Bone cleaning, oxidation and articulation
  • Wet Specimen and mummy preservation
  • Small taxidermy
  • Medical Formalin jar swap (local only)
  • Pet memorials (check pet memorials tab for more)
  • Curated antiques
  • Taxidermy, art and antique rentals


    If you have any further questions feel free to reach out through email or message me on my socials