Frequently Asked Questions

  • Each piece is One of a kind, if there is something you previously liked I can make something similar but never identical, check my commissions tab for more info
  • It takes me a couple days to complete shipping orders and very rarely ship things on friday-sunday. Please expect at least a week for things to be shipped. 

Are you interested in more bones and animals? 
Yes!! I love working with locals that are interested in working with me. I partner with local hunters, farmers and taxidermist in the area for by-products that would otherwise be thrown away. I always appreciate receiving still born babies and failure to thrive little ones

Where does the Zebra hide come from?
All my zebra hide and scraps come from old rugs and taxidermy that aren't displayed for their normal purposes anymore - Old rugs that are tattered, shedding and in poor quality from being walked on.

Where do you get your bugs? 
Every species is sourced in different ways. I primarily work with breeders, farms and donations from people who find them. 

Are you interested in weird antiques?
YES!!! Anything that's old and odd I'm interested in. Old items, collectibles, Victorian items, retired funeral & medical & scientific items and old or bad taxidermy, I'll buy them or I know what to do with them, no question is odd!

Are you interested in haunted items? 
Absolutely, we'll take in your haunted items and give them a comfortable home to rest in. 


  • All odd things and old things are responsibly and sustainably sourced by me
  • All animals are dead when they arrive to me, I do not kill anything and nothing is killed solely for the purpose of taxidermy or art
  • I have partnered with local farmers, hunters and rescues. For rescues, a portion of the proceeds are donated back once things are adopted back out.
  • Everything is either found, gifted or sourced from other reputable oddity sellers & friends
  • Most, if not all, of my furs are vintage
  • If you have questions about my ethics feel free to ask! I'm an animal activist myself 

Services I offer

  • Insect pinning and taxidermy
  • Framed, dome and custom displays
  • Bone cleaning and oxidation
  • Wet Specimen and mummy preservation
  • Small taxidermy
  • Medical Formalin jar swap (local only)
  • Pet memorials
  • Curated antiques


    If you have any further questions feel free to reach out through email or message me on my socials