Pet Memorials

I offer almost every pet memorial service beside cremation and taxidermy (kind of)

A memorial is a process that, even though it's difficult, is best planned ahead of time. If you're curious about talking about a memorial or planning something, please feel free to reach out.

Emergency services are available for anyone local to me, however due to limited freezer space immediate processing is usually required, which will be an added fee.

In the event that that your familiar passes and you have not set up memorial services the number one thing to do is to reach out and try to place them in the freezer to ensure I can preserve them in the best quality. 

In the event that a memorial is wanted and cremation is part of your wishes please let me know, this will have to be specially arranged/the cremation service will need to be informed

Some services I offer but not limited too

  • bone cleaning
  • oxidation or articulation
  • paw and nose prints
  • heart preservation
  • paw/ ear/ nose preservation
  • fur tanning
  • wet preservation
Right now the only taxidermy services I offer are small rodents, sleeping positions preferred but not necessary.  

Prices will greatly vary depending on size some examples are listed below

  • Spider/Tarantula/Mantis pinning - Starting at 35 
  • Wet Specimen processing - 50/ hour + preservation fluid charge
  • Mouse skeletal cleaning/oxidation/taxidermy - starting at 100
  • Rat skeletal cleaning/oxidation/taxidermy - starting at 150
  • Cat & similar size skeletal cleaning - Starting at 400
  • Medium and Larger dog skeletal cleaning - Starting at 650
  • Cat skeletal articulation - starting at 500
  • Medium and larger dog skeleton articulation - starting at 700
  • Exotic animals - price varies
  • Tanning - prices vary by size, cats and dogs start at 100 with a frame
  • Framed paw and nose prints are an extra 25 
    -I do not offer paw and nose print memorials as a service alone.
    -I do not offer heart preservation without skeletal cleaning for animals larger than a cat. 
    -I am only one women and have no helpers with memorials. If I cannot lift your dog I will not be able to offer skeletal cleaning unless you're willing to help move them to my prep set-up. I would say I can lift a dog up to 70~ pounds. 
    -Payment plans are automatic with pet memorials, a 1/3rd down deposit is required within the first 28 days of drop off. Further payment options can be discussed. 
    -Turn around times will also vary generally my guestimation is usually 6 months to a year and a half. The larger the animal the longer it will take. Due to the nature of degreasing bones and initial cleaning the total time may be days or months longer than the estimated completion date. I can promise you that you will get your baby back and at the highest quality. I am more than happy to send updates upon request but I will never send pictures without your permission. 

    If you have any further questions feel free to reach out through email or message me on my socials