Wet specimen & mummy care

After Care for Wet Specimens

  • All of my wet specimens are fixed in formalin by me
  • Everything is leeched in distilled water and then stored in 70% isopropyl alcohol. I do extended leeching periods in iso aswell to insure there is no residual formalin. 
  • Upon arrival your wet will be wrapped in paper towel soaked in 70% iso, if a jar is provided just top it off with more 70% iso or find a suitable jar and top it off that way. 
  • After about a year the alcohol is expected to yellow, this is normal, the alcohol can be changed and dumped down the sink/in the toilet. The specimen can even be rinsed and washed if you see fit.
  • Keep wet specimens out of the sun and away from heaters as isopropyl alcohol is flammable.
  • Keep wet specimens away and out of reach of children and pets

    After Care for Mummies

    • Mummies are wet specimens that have all the moisture drawn out
    • If the specimen is very small it may not be formalin fixed and preserved and dried a different way. This applies to feet sometimes as well. If you're curious how I made your mummy just reach out. 
    • Mummies are very picky, they do not like sunlight, heat, humidity, etc. They are kind of like jerky. All mummies are suspectable to bugs, shedding and mildew & moisture in uncontrolled environments. 
    • I try to make all my mummies encased to protect it from the elements, but sometimes it doesn't work.
    • Mummies should be frozen at least twice a year, either for one week on one week off then one week on again or for 2 weeks total, this should be done around warmer and more humid months (ex. beginning and end of summer, middle of spring and middle of fall, etc.)
    •  Diatomaceous earth, borax and pet and plant safe bug spray are okay to use on mummies. I add a layer of borax to all of my finished mummies.


      If you have any further questions feel free to reach out through email or message me on my socials